Sea moss powder with elderberry powder blend 50/50 ratio. Give Your Body What It Needs: Looking for a way of ensuring proper ant|oxidant intake all year round? Would you like to make sure your defense lines stay strong during the cold season? This powder blend immune support supplement is the perfect choice!
Premium Quality Formula: This sea moss powder is made with superior quality, natural herbal extracts, a highly potent formula based on pure elderberry extract 10:1 ratio and Irish sea moss powder, with no artificial fillers, preservatives or colorants.
Enhanced Support: This immune system booster can have key benefits for men and women of all ages, promoting joint, digestive and thyroid support, helping with energy levels, while strengthening your natural defense systems!
Nutrient-Packed: Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, with important amounts of vitamin C, zinc, iodine and dietary fiber, these keto vitamins promote an overall wellbeing and healthier lifestyle.

Sea moss | Elderberry powder ( elderberries } blend 4oz. bags

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