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Best Sea moss gummies |Ingredients: Real fruit, sea moss and bladderwrack gel, coconut sugar, 

It's great to know that they are made with 85% sea moss and bladderwrack, 8% fruit, and 7% coconut sugar. These gummies are 100% vegan and do not contain gelatin.

The suggested serving size for these gummies is 2-4 cubes daily. 

Speaking of flavors, you have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the available flavors include Mint, Butterfly Pea, Ginger, Soursop, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Orange, Spirulina, Magenta, and Pandan. You can either select a mixed flavor pack or choose to have separate flavors in custom packaging.

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Soursop Fruit (New!) 
Dragon Fruit (New!)                             
Passion Fruit
Great for children 💪 Sea moss Gummies benefits! 

Each serving of 0.30 oz contains 8 calories. The gummies have no total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, or sodium. The total carbohydrate content is 0.13 oz, with 0.01 oz of dietary fiber and 0.10 oz of total sugars (including added sugars). The gummies also contain 0.01 oz of protein.

Sea Moss Gummies have a recommended shelf life of 4-5 months. However, they can be consumed for a longer period after the expiration date, as long as they are stored properly and show no signs of spoilage. It's always a good idea to check the product's quality before consuming it past its expiration date.

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Sea moss gummies have gained popularity due to the numerous benefits associated with sea moss itself. Sea moss, also known as Irish moss or carrageenan, is a type of seaweed that is rich in essential nutrients and minerals. Some potential benefits of sea moss and sea moss gummies include:

1. Nutrient-packed: Sea moss gummies is a great source of vitamins and minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, E, and K. These nutrients are essential for supporting various bodily functions and maintaining overall health.

2. Digestive health: Seamoss gummies contain soluble fiber, which can help promote a healthy digestive system by supporting regular bowel movements and aiding in the elimination of toxins.

3. Immune support: Sea moss gummy candy is known for its potential immune-boosting properties. It contains antioxidants that may help strengthen the immune system, protect against cell damage, and reduce inflammation in the body.

4. Skin health: The high mineral content of sea moss gummy including sulfur, can potentially benefit the skin. It may help improve conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, as well as contribute to a healthy complexion and a youthful appearance.

5. Thyroid support: Sea moss gummies is a natural source of iodine, which is crucial for proper thyroid function. Adequate iodine intake helps regulate thyroid hormone production, which plays a vital role in metabolism, growth, and development.

✅Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss 
✅Wildcrafted Bladderwrack
Ingredients: Real fruit, sea moss and bladderwrack gel. Sea moss gummies are a great way to reap the benefits of sea moss without the off-putting taste and smell. I'm sure you've heard a lot about sea moss, or even tried raw sea moss gel. While the benefits can be amazing. The flavor and texture of sea moss gel isn't the best to everyone. So the next best thing has to be Sea Moss Gummy Vitamins These aren't like your average vitamins gummies. We can actually pronounce the ingredients used in this one ;) This is an easy, snack-size, way to be consistent with your daily intake of over 90 nutrients provided by wildcrafted sea moss. Kids love it!
Product Details
Weight : 5.5oz
3 Servings Recommended Daily
Can or not to Be Refrigerated
Shelf Life - 8 Months
Flavors - Sour sop fruit, Passion Fruit, Mint, Ginger, Kiwi, Magenta
Ingredients - Wildcrafted Sea Moss/bladderwrack, Fruit Juice and Coconut Sugar