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Sea moss capsules are beneficial in iodine (which is needed for a healthy thyroid hormone function), iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, bromine, vanadium, sodium, folate, beta-carotene, riboflavin, vitamin k, vitamin c, fiber, omega 3.

Take 2 irish sea moss capsules with a meal or 8 oz, glass of water/ juice.

Primarily due to the bioavailability of quality vitamins and supplements you don't have to take a large amount of sea moss capsule form to get the same effect as taking raw sea moss in gel form.

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BestMadeOrganic is a Health and Wellness supplements and Juice store that believes healing oneself physically and mentally begins from the inside out. Many of the earliest civilizations believed that the key to this type of healing hinged largely on the use of herbs. Traditionally, Herbs would be used as medicine and detoxification and for everyday use against wrinkles, colds, infections, worms, purification and much more. In todays fast-paced society, we tend to forget that taking care of ourselves is fundamental to living a long and healthy life. These mighty leaves and plants are now making a comeback in the 21st century as today's society is becoming more aware of their benefits.

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