19999 25000

10 count 16oz bottles of deliciousness + 1 count 2oz Wellness Turmeric Shot

3 Morning Bliss (Morning Drink)

3 Passion Beet (Lunch Drink)

3 Celery Tonic (Dinner Drink)

1 Wellness Turmeric Shot

1 Powerful Fat Burner (60 count)

1 14 Day Detox Bottle (60 count)

1 Apple Cider Vinegar (60 count)

On this 14 day challenge you will juice for the first 3 days. All juice comes packaged frozen. NOTE: (You will get two packages.)

FAT BURNER- Melts fat, burns belly fat, sheds inches, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster!

DETOX- Eliminates toxins, gets rid of foods you ate, gets rid of bloating after meals, cleans colon, detoxifying blend of 8 herbs, fiber & nutrients that work together to support your body’s normal cleaning process.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR-Fights against unhealthy bacteria promote healthy digestion and keep your intestines clean, reduce water retention, and help your stomach get flat.


We use a FS 30 Cold pressed juicer  to extract the juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables. This method retains more vitamins and minerals in your juice, resulting in a healthier you.


Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. To get the fresh flavor we're known for, your juice is made fresh after you order. 


We refuse to compromise on quality at our juice bar. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets as well as respectable produce companies. 


Juicing Products are Shipped FedEx Ground 1-3 Day Shipping. We have to get your package to you quick! Your supplements will be in a separate package via USPS! Prepare to be on the lookout for two packages & two tracking numbers! 

Rest assured,  we pack your order in accordance to PLAN AHEAD FOR DELAYS 

Some packages have not been affected, however we pack for an additional day during shipping. 


2022 Juice Weight Loss “NEW BODY” KIT with apple cider vinegar capsules
19999 25000

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