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Sea moss benefits

NUTRIENTS IN SEA MOSS Sea moss has various outstanding benefits, earning recognition as a marine superfood. This incredible superfood has about ninety-two vital minerals that the human body requires, such as: Iodine Sodium Zinc Phosphorous Calcium Sulfur Vitamin K, F, E, C, and A Omega-3 fatty acids Fiber Selenium Taurine Magnesium Beta-Carotene Potassium Chloride Pectin Protein Chlorophyll             1. SEA MOSS IS MEDICINAL Sea moss has a wide variety of interesting medicinal uses, such as: EXPELLING EXCESSIVE MUCUS FROM THE BODY Sea Moss has antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which assist the body when recovering from flu or...

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Sea moss is good for what? - BestMadeOrganic

Sea moss is good for what?

Sea moss and Bladderwrack capsules Benefits Skin Sea Moss contains the stable dipeptide Citrulline-arginine which acts to improve the bioavailability of arginine by increasing skin energy levels, encouraging cell growth and metabolism, and protecting the skin. Immunity A scientific study performed in 2013 demonstrated Sea Moss' ability to enhance host immunity and suppress quorum sensing when exposed to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA) bacteria (60% mortality rate). Consumption of Sea Moss resulted in a 28% reduction of the bacteria, as well as a restraint of the expression of the bacteria. Digestion Highly touted for its effect on the digestive system, we did...

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