What are the Benefits of an Alkaline Juice Cleanse?

What are the Benefits of an Alkaline Juice Cleanse? - BestMadeOrganic
Today, I'm thrilled to share my personal journey with an alkaline juice cleanse - a refreshing and revitalizing experience that lasted for 48 hours. But before we dive in, let's recap my plant-based transition and my first venture into fasting for 24 hours. In my quest for knowledge, I stumbled upon an article about cellular rejuvenation that piqued my curiosity about cleansing. It opened my eyes to the internal grime we accumulate and the incredible power of plants to cleanse us from within. Intrigued, I conducted my own research and made the decision to embark on this cleanse. After all, who wouldn't want a spring in their step? I certainly did!

Now, let's delve into what exactly an alkaline juice cleanse entails. It involves abstaining from solid foods and nourishing our bodies solely with fruit and vegetable juices. Just as a water fast is to water, a juice fast is to juices. But not just any fruits and vegetables - we focus on alkaline ones. These are the finest and most nutritious gifts from nature, handily listed in Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide.

With that understanding, let's explore the transformative effects of deeply nourishing our bodies with alkaline juices. I personally experienced this cleanse for 48 hours, but you can customize the duration to suit your needs. You could even opt to start your day with an alkaline energy boost!

So, what exactly do alkaline juices do to our bodies? I was eager to unravel the mysteries of this flavorful elixir, and here's what I discovered:

1. Metabolic Changes: When we abstain from eating, our body's energy expenditure slows down. In a remarkable display of biological efficiency, our bodies enter a "conservation mode" to ensure critical functions, like breathing and blood flow, receive ample energy. Think of it as your phone's power-saving mode, which dims the screen when the battery is low. Initially, you may feel more tired as your body taps into its backup energy stores, namely your fat. As these fat stores are depleted, they release toxins that were stored within. Moreover, since alkaline juices are easily digestible, minimal energy is required for digestion. Consequently, more energy becomes available for our immune system to work its magic on our internal well-being.

2. Toxin Mobilization: Our incredible bodies strive to maintain optimal health by storing toxins in fat when they cannot be processed immediately. However, toxins require energy and specific nutrients to be eliminated from our bodies. During an alkaline juice cleanse, our immune system and liver receive an energy boost, allowing them to actively remove toxins as they are released from fat stores.

3. Weight Loss: Many individuals experience a slight weight loss during a cleanse. This is a combination of shedding water weight as we deplete fuel stores before transitioning to fat burning, and consuming fewer calories than our bodies require. Stepping on the scale after a juice cleanse can serve as a motivational boost on your weight loss journey. However, it's important to note that most of this weight loss is temporary and will return once regular eating resumes. Yet, fear not, for the weight regained is "clean" weight derived from the nourishing alkaline juices. Picture yourself in a bathtub that has accumulated dirt and stagnancy over the years. A juice cleanse is akin to draining the water, resulting in temporary weight loss, and refilling it with pristine spring water. Simply beautiful.

4. Appetite Reduction: Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which enhances satiety and reduces the likelihood of succumbing to comfort eating. My advice is to enjoy your juice without straining it, as removing the fibrous pulp diminishes its satiating properties. Often, what we perceive as hunger is actually cravings for sugar and chemicals ingrained in our eating habits. A few days of alkaline nutrition can reset these cravings and curb our appetite, thanks to the nourishment provided to beneficial gut bacteria that crave all things green!

5. Increased Micronutrition: In the Western world, we find ourselves in a paradoxical state of obesity and malnourishment. People tend to overeat when their bodies lack essential minerals and vital micronutrients. Even if we feel full or even overly satiated from heavy foods, our appetite won't be satisfied if our bodies lack these micronutrients. Alkaline juices are a concentrated source of nutrition. The juicing process breaks down fruits and vegetables, mimicking the act of thorough chewing (which many of us neglect). This facilitates easier digestion and absorption by our gut and beneficial bacteria. Additionally, since we consume only juices during a cleanse, there are no other foods impeding nutrient absorption. With laser-like focus, our gut and immune system can efficiently utilize these delightful nutrients to construct healthy new cells.

6. Internal Healing: The consumption of organic alkaline juices provides our bodies with vital antioxidants that possess inflammation-reducing properties, making a plant-based diet

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