Fibroids Be Gone

Fibroids Be Gone - BestMadeOrganic
Fibroids Is A Accumulation Of Toxins From Eating Starched 🥖 Foods 🥔 Meat 🥩 Dairy 🧀 🥛 Processed Vegan Meat. It Also Comes From Toxic 🦠 Chemicals That Come From Hair Products, Lotions 🧴 And Creams. If You Can’t Eat 👅 It Don’t Use It On a your Body.🫵🏾They Start Out Small And Grow 🫣And Can Burst To Spread Dis-Ease 🫤To The Body☀️Typically When The Iron Levels Are Low In The Body Illness Is Creating.

✨To Reverse Change Your Eating Lifestyle✨

💕Instead Of Lotions & Creams, Moisturize Your Body W/ Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural RAW Shea Butter.

💕Shampoo Hair: Nopales Or Strawberries.

💕Intake More Spring Water 💧 & Freshly Homemade Juice Fruits.

💕FOODS Soursop fruit/Leaf, Dandelion Greens, Watercress, Fonio. HERBS :Sarsaparilla, Elderberry, Burdock Root, Cocomeca Bark, Hombre Grande, and Mullen Leaf

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